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    1. Neck pain                                     2. Shoulder pain

    3. Knee pain                                     4. Acupuncture for arthritis

    5. Migraine                                       6. Sinusitis

    7. Bronchitis                                     8. Asthma

    9. Bells palsy                                    10. Quit smoking

    11. Menopause                                 12. Trigeminal neuralgia

    13. Foot pain                                    14. Lose hair

    15. IBS                                            16. Insomnia and sreess

    17. Depress                                     18. Ringing ears

    19. Shingles                                     20. Psoriasis

    21. Eczema                                      22. Infertility  

    23. Arm Pain                                    24. Leg Pain

             Our patients speak...

    Below testimonials come from our satisfied patients' testimony in  magazines which were published in California.

    1. Neck Pain :

    P. Quaranto (Orange County ) " I have had chronic pain in my arms, neck and shoulders for more than 2 years. I was given different kinds of pill but the pain persisted. I went to Dr. Xie for help and after three weeks of acupuncture treatments I do not need any more pills and the pain has been reduced significantly."

    2. Shoulder Pain:

    K. Johnson, (Orange County) : "The treatment given by Dr. Xie has allowed me immediate sinus relief and no shoulder pain. With acupuncture herbs and special medicated pads applied to my shoulder, I feel great! I can't stop bragging about Dr. Xie to all my friends and clients. She is so gentle and caring, I feel asleep during my first visit. I felt soothed and nurtured and they remember me by name. I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference Pacific Acupuncture has made in my life. Mostly, I take no drugs for shoulder pain or my sinuses. I would suggest anyone with a long term, unsuccessfully treated problem should see Dr.Xie. "

    3. Knee Pain:

    S. Rafferty, (Orange County ): " I knew from past experience that acupuncture produced quick results, but I didn't expect my knee to heal so very quickly. It is absolutely vital that I stay fit. It is my livelihood. Dr. Xie stopped the terrible pain and she never hurt me."

    4. Arthritis:

    M. Blakley, Orange County :  "I had never had any foot problems, but in one day they had become so painful that I could hardly walk. I had only one pair of tennis shoes that I could wear. I had my first treatment that afternoon. Now I am able to play tennis and run regularly. I'm almost completely pain-free and have not had to take anti-inflammatory medication for two months."

    5.Migrain Headache:

    L. Klein, (Orange County) : "Once I was here I got a whole different sense of wellbeing. Dr. Xie is a healer and she definitely cares. I had tried acupuncture before, but Dr. Xie is different. She uses her skill, intuition and patient feedback to place the needles. I arrived at her office unable to move and after one treatment I walked out into the sunshine with my symptoms relieved. Now, after she inserts the needles I fall asleep until her husband wakes me up for a massage. We call her 'The thank-you doctor' because 'xie-xie' (shay-shay) means 'thank you' in Chinese, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. She has truly been a Godsend."

    6.Sinusitis (Sinus):

    M. Maki,  (Orange County) : "I am 150% better ! I could have taken an antibiotic and 10 days later not felt as good as I did only 2 days after the acupuncture and Chinese herbs Dr.Xie gave to me. The results were so instantaneous with the Chinese herbs that I was shocked. After literally a lifetime of serious illness I have finally found a way to escape the endless pill taking that was becoming less and less effective. Now I am a believer!"

    C. Thompson,  (Orange County ): "I was on the highest level of antibiotics I could take and just couldn't face another surgery.......After two weeks of acupuncture and herbal treatments, I began to notice some improvement and after three months my sinuses were completely clear. I can't tell you the relief I felt!"

    7. Bronchitis:

    L. Stewart,(Orange County) :  "I am actually amazed at the results I have gotten so far! The herbal tea Dr.Xie prescribed for me in the beginning really helped to clean out my bronchial problems. I always thought it was strange that medical doctors never really treated that kind of root problem."

    M. Nadler, (Orange County ): "I'd read many articles about Dr. Xie in The Towne Crier. I was so sick and I'd never had acupuncture before so I was a little anxious but the office was so serene and Dr. Xie was very kind and gentle. By the time I walked out I felt better than I had in three weeks! My sinuses were opened up almost completely and they had been just killing me before. I also noticed how clear-headed I was because when I went in there I was so fuzzy-headed and drained of all my energy. It was awful! When I came back the next day for one more follow-up treatment that was it. I was well on my way to recovery. I even fell asleep during that treatment. I was so relaxed and at peace as it is that painless and soothing! It was wonderful experience and I recommend her highly."


    J. White, ( Orange County) : "The best part is the caring treatment I get from Dr.Xie and Dr. Liang ."

    9.Bells Palsy:

    J. Mejia, (Orange County ): "What is Bells Palsy? I didn't know what to do. I thought I should go see Dr. Xie. After the first treatment I could taste food again and close my eyelid. Now after five treatments, I look almost normal. In fact, I woke up this morning and noticed -- Hey! I got my wrinkles back on my forehead! I was never so happy! I am getting MY FACE back and it is wonderful because it didn't take 6 months as the doctor said. It took 8 days! I go on the internet where I did research about Bells Palsy and tell everyone to TRY ACUPUNCTURE."

    C. Breznay, (Orange County ): "My right eye did not close properly and I had difficulties with my speech. Over the last four years, Western doctors gave me all kinds of treatments which did not fix my problems, and then told me there was nothing they could do. After seeing Dr. Xie for less than two months my eyes, speech, appearance and even my general health have been greatly improved. I feel that I have the energy I had 20 years ago. The herbs have improved my health beyond my wildest dreams. My looks and health have benefited so much. I want to say, happily, thank you God and Dr. Xie!"

    10. Quit Smoking:

    D. Daniels, (Orange County) : "I wanted to quit but I dreaded the anxiety quitting causes. Stress caused me to escalate from two cigarettes a day to smoke an entire pack in one evening. I didn't see any smart reason to substitute one kind of nicotine habit for another -- namely the patch. I talked to Dr. Xie and learned the process could be done quickly and easily.See the professionals who are sincerely interested in your comfort and well-being "

    V. M. Morgan,  (Orange County):  "I am so glad I did this. I say to every smoker out there. If you want to quit, you have to give this a try. It really works! Dr. Xie made no assumptions about our health and bodies. She was thorough with her questions and took the time to give us answers for our concerns."

    T.W,  (Orange County ): "Nicotine controlled my life. Now, I am captain of my own ship. I like being the captain. I am enjoying feeling better than I have since I started chewing 14 years ago. Now, my family is happy. I have my good health back, too. I recommend Dr. Xie to my dentist for any patients that are trying to break away from any form of tobacco. I am a happier man today!"

    11. Menopause :

    P. Sovella, (Orange County) :  "The Chinese herbs are wonderful for women experiencing menopause or PMS. I personally had great success with the herbs for my condition."

    12. Trigeminal Neuralgia:

    M.Arredondo,  (Orange County) : "He immediately applied acupuncture along with providing me with herbs that caused me to almost immediately find myself pain-free and completely medicine-free. I have only had six acupuncture treatments so far, and he says I will only need one more because of such rapid results. I will continue to take the herbs necessary to restore my energy that became stagnant due to this horrific malady. I would like to share my story with all TNA sufferers because not only I am a sincere believer in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, but also I am living proof of how awesome and incredible this treatment has been for me."

    13. Foot Pain :

    E. Smith,  (Orange County ):  "After only four treatments, the black faded, the pain was reduced and my toes started to show again as the swelling was reduced. Dr. Xie used acupuncture and the circulating machine with miraculous results. Dr. Xie is so sweet, nurturing and kind. I feel better just being in her office. What she has done for me, I can't believe."

    A. Goya, (Orange County) : "When I had my first appointment at Pacific Acupuncture, I immediately realized how concerned the doctors were for my comfort and for the progress I would make. I knew I was in good hands. I am now pain-free, and overall I am feeling much better. I avoided surgery, the long-term recovery, the pain and any side effects cause by the surgery or drugs. The thin needles are painless and effective."

    P. F.,  (Orange County ): " I now can get a full night's sleep without waking up in extreme pain. I would urge anyone to try Pacific Acupuncture if that person would prefer relief of pain without the use of drugs. If needed, I would say, do yourself a favor and give Pacific Acupuncture a try. What could you possible lose? Only the pain!"

    14. Losing Hair:

    D. S. , (Orange County) : "It stopped! No more hand-full of hair falling out. Who would have ever thought acupuncture could help that?"

    S. Egbert, (Orange County) : "I can't say enough good things about how kind and caring the doctors are at Pacific Acupuncture. The best part was the immediate relief I got from my back pain and the results I received from the herbs that Dr. Xie prescribed. It actually caused my hair to grow back. I highly recommend DR.Liang and Dr. Xie to anyone who is looking for a caring and devoted medical group."

    Z. C. , (Orange County ):  "I immediately began acupuncture and was given herbs in pill form. After two months, the bald spots were covered with new hair growth. Even my eye-brows are growing more. Some gray hair has turned black and I feel more energy. Even my vision is improving. I have not felt this good in over 20 years! The doctors at Pacific Acupuncture treat me as their own family. I was amazed at how patient, caring and gentle the doctors were and always are to me."

    15. Irritable Browel Syndrome (IBM):

    D. Cuthbertson, (Orange County ): " I received my first acupuncture treatment and felt such a sense of well being and inner calmness and to my surprise the pain was gone!.....I feel so good now. I want everyone to know how acupuncture can help them as well."

    D.J.,  (Orange County ): "Dr. Xie treats me really special. She follows up on my treatments and care. She makes me feel like it's really important to her that I stay well. I feel much better, my grades have gone back up and I am more active now. I feel Dr.Xie has given me a new life."

    16.  Insomnia, Stress:

    D. Warde, ( Orange County) :  “Acupuncture is something I never imagined I would do. I really didn't have much faith in a method of medicine I knew very little about. The miracle was the immediate results I attained. Now I want to tell everyone how well acupuncture works."

    17. Depression:

    K. L.,  (Orange County) "I will never be able to show Dr.Xie  how very grateful we all are. Thank you, Dr. Xie, for releasing me and our family from the pain and uncertainty that we lived with before we found you. I like the way Dr. Xie explains everything to me. She treats me like an intelligent person and she helps me to understand my treatment. I love her and I know that I am getting better every day."

    18. Ringing Ears:

    C.Backman, (Orange County) : "Now, whenever I feel ill, I don't worry. I know that once I have seen Dr. Xie, I will begin to feel better. Following a series of acupuncture and herbal treatments, my hearing was restored and the noises vanished."

    19. Shingles:

    L. Abraham,(Orange County) : "This time I was treated from the inside out. Both doctors explained thoroughly what I was to expect.......For the first time in 10 years, I feel I am not alone. I feel they are really here for me."

    20. Psoriasis:

    D. Winslow, (Orange County) : This is the first time I have felt cared for, and Dr. Xie is always on time. I recommend Dr. Xie for those who, like me, want to get rid of the pain of psoriasis and get on with their busy lives."

    21. Eczema:

    Derek.D,  (Orange County ):  "My son actually fell asleep while receiving treatment. He drank the herbal tea and actually wanted the tea-washings because they soothed his itching. He said, "Mommy, will you take me back to that Chinese Doctor? "

    22. Infertility:

    G. Speth, (Orange County ): " The wonderful thing about Chinese Medicine is that I always feel better afterwards. Not only did my problems go away, but my overall health also improved. Even though the insurance company did not pay for my treatments the process turned out to be much cheaper than conventional treatment. I felt good in the process. And best of all, it brought my daughter, Jenna into my life! That is why we jokingly started to tell everybody that Dr. Xie got me pregnant. "                                                        

    23. Arm Pain:

    Huang-Chi C., (Riverside County County) : " I went here for treatments of muscle impact by twisting arms during fall of snowboarding. I wasn't able to move my arms freely at some positions due to muscle tension and pain. But only twice visiting within a week, I could said that my arms are recovered perfectly. Doctors and nurse have nice attitude, comfortable and relaxing environment but it's not the high end kind.They are traditional Chinese acupuncture and massage with 30+ years experience.(I'm a Chinese immigrant, I can tell that they really got skills.) Prices are fair, good location(Only a few minutes from freeway 15 exit)This is the one I will visit for next time when I need a treatment."

    24. Legs Pain:

    R. B., (Riverside County County ):  "Dr. Liang is very knowledgeable in the art of Acupuncture and massage. He helped me get off pain medication and be able to walk again without crutches! After 4 visits the pain started to lessen each treatment. I just completed my 8th visit and I no longer feel the pain, even at night. He is the BOMB! EXCELLENT! I'll be back! "



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